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Atlee Kumar Movies List with verdict and release date

atlee kumar movies
Atlee Kumar

Atlee Kumar

Also Know asAtlee
Occupation:Director, Screenplay Writer, Producer
Born:September 21, 1986
Birthplace:Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Spouse:krishna priya (2014)

In the vibrant tapestry of Indian cinema, Atlee Kumar’s name shines as a beacon of storytelling prowess and cinematic excellence. With a string of remarkable movies under his directorial belt, Atlee has carved a niche for himself in the Tamil film industry. This article takes you on a chronological journey through Atlee Kumar movies, highlighting each movie’s release date, the talented actors and actresses who brought the scripts to life, and the resounding verdict that followed. From his early directorial ventures to the monumental blockbusters that have captivated audiences worldwide, let’s unravel the cinematic magic spun by Atlee Kumar.

Atlee Kumar Movies List with Verdict


Release Date

Hit or Flop

raja rani

Raja Rani

Actor : Arya
Actress: Nayanthara

27 Sep 2013




Actor : Vijay
Actress: Samantha

14 April 2016




Actor : Vijay
Actress: Samantha, Kajal A.

18 October 2017


Bigil 2019


Actor : Vijay
Actress: Nayanthara

25 October 2019


Jawan 2023


Actor : Shah Rukh Khan
Actress: Nayanthara

07 Sep 2023


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Atlee Kumar’s remarkable journey as a director is a testament to his innate storytelling abilities and keen understanding of the cinematic art form. From the emotional depths of “Raja Rani” to the adrenaline-pumping action of “Jawan,” each of his films stands as a testament to his versatility and vision. Through collaborations with stellar actors and actresses, Atlee has crafted narratives that resonate with audiences on a profound level.

As we reflect on his filmography, it’s clear that Atlee’s dedication to his craft and his ability to create compelling narratives have left an indelible mark on Indian cinema. With each release, he sets the bar higher, consistently pushing the boundaries of storytelling.

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