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List of Vijay Thalapathy Movies Hindi Dubbed with Hindi Dubbed Tittle

Vijay Thalapathy Movies Hindi Dubbed

Vijay Thalapathy, the charismatic superstar of Tamil cinema, has captured the hearts of audiences not only in the southern states but also across the entire Indian subcontinent. His films are celebrated for their powerful storytelling, stunning visuals, and of course, his charismatic presence on screen. In this article we will cover list of all Vijay Thalapathy Movies Hindi Dubbed.

List of All Vijay Thalapathy Movies Hindi Dubbed

No.Original Movie TitleHindi Dubbed Title
1Senthoorapandi (1993)Thakur Bhavani Singh
2Coimbatore Mappillai  (1996)Rampuri Damaad
3Nilaave Vaa  (1998)Ek Aur Sikander
4Priyamaanavale (2000)Dil Ki Baat
5Thamizhan (2002)Gundaraaj 2
6Youth (2002)Youth
7Vaseegara (2003)Ek Aur Loafer
8Pudhiya Geethai (2003)Ek Dumdaar The Powerful
9Madurey (2004)Sarfarosh Dobaara
10Sachein (2005)Ghamandee
11Aathi (2006)Adi Narayan
12Azhagiya (2007)Sabse Bada Khiladi
13Pokkiri (2007)Wanted Baaghi
14Kuruvi (2008)Jo Jeeta Wo hi Baazigar
15Villu (2009)Ek Aur Janbaaz Khiladi
16Vettaikaaran (2009)Dangerous Khiladi 3
17Kaavalan (2011)Main Hoon Bodyguard
18Velayudham (2011)Main Hoon Super Shahenshah
19Thupakki (2012)Idian Soldier Never on Holiday
20Thalaivaa (2013)Thalaivaa the Leader
21Jilla (2014)Police Wala Gunda 2
22Kaththi (2014)Khakhi Aur Khiladi
23Puli (2015)Puli
24Theri (2016)Theri
25Bairavaa (2017)Bairavaa
26Mersal  (2017)Mersal 
27Sarkar (2018)Sarkar
28Bigil (2019)Bigil
29Master (2021)Master
30Beast (2022)Beast
31Varisu (2023)Varisu
32Leo (2023)- UpcomingLeo

Thalapathy Vijay Hindi Dubbed Movies List with a brief information

1. Senthoorapandi (1993) – Thakur Bhavani Singh

Movie Plot: Vijay develops feelings for Meena, but their potential union is thwarted by the animosity between their families, exacerbated by Meena’s brother. When Sendoorapandi, recently released from prison, reenters the scene, he endeavors to assist his brother in winning Meena’s affections.

Actress: Vijayshanti , Villain: Mansoor Ali Khan

2. Coimbatore Mappillai (1996) – Rampuri Damaad

Movie Plot: Balu arrives in the city and takes up residence with a friend. He soon finds himself enamored with Sumithra, his landlady. However, her malevolent cousin Mahesh, who harbors his own desires for her, endeavors to drive a wedge between them.

Actress: Sanghavi , Villain: Raja

3. Nilaave Vaa (1998) – Ek Aur Sikander

Movie Plot: Siluvai, a young Christian, falls deeply in love with Sangeetha, a Hindu girl who is already promised to Raghuvaran. Sangeetha’s father strongly opposes the idea of a Hindu-Christian union. Nonetheless, it is Raghuvaran who ultimately brings them together, overcoming the obstacles in their path.

Actress: Suvalakshmi , Villain: Raghuvaran

4. Priyamaanavale (2000) – Dil Ki Baat

Movie Plot: Despite Vijay’s skepticism towards marriage, he complies with his father’s wishes and ties the knot with Priya. However, he establishes a stipulation: after a year, he will assess whether to continue their union or not.

Actress: Simran , Villain: Radhika Chaudhari

5. Thamizhan (2002) – Gundaraaj 2

Movie Plot: Surya, a principled attorney, firmly upholds the values of law and justice. Despite suffering the loss of his sister and her lawyer spouse in his quest for righteousness, he remains unwavering in his pursuit of justice.

Actress: Priyanka Chopra , Villain: Revathi

6. Youth (2002) – Youth

Movie Plot: Aruna leaves Shiva on the day of their wedding. Shattered, Shiva relocates to a different town and eventually develops feelings for Sandhya. Unfortunately, Sandhya doesn’t reciprocate his love and becomes engaged to Pratap. Just when Shiva is settling into his new life, Aruna reenters his world, bringing with her unexpected twists.

Actress: Shaheen Khan , Villain: Vivek

7. Vaseegara (2003) – Ek Aur Loafer

Movie Plot: Bhupathi, in pursuit of employment, ventures to the city and takes up residence in the home of his father’s acquaintance, Viswanath. As time passes, he forms a strong bond with the family and finds himself falling for Viswanath’s daughter, who is already promised to another in an engagement.

Actress: Sneha , Villain: Gayatri Jayaraman

8. Pudhiya Geethai (2003) – Ek Dumdaar The Powerful

Movie Plot: Sarathy, a bright and carefree young man, remains oblivious to an astrologer’s prediction foreseeing his demise at the age of 27. As events unfold, he finds himself in a bitter dispute with Reddiar due to a land transaction that went awry.

Actress: Meera Jasmine , Villain: Kalabhavan Mani

9. Madurey (2004) – Sarfarosh Dobaara

Movie Plot: Madhuravel, a district collector, takes a bold stance to cleanse the city of its criminal elements. However, his noble intentions lead to him being falsely implicated in a murder, forcing him to go into hiding. The question remains: can he successfully identify the true culprit and vindicate himself?

Actress: Sonia Agarwal , Villain: Pasupathy

10. Sachein (2005) – Ghamandee

Movie Plot: On a college campus, a complex love triangle unfolds between two young students who attempt to suppress their emotions for one another. The dynamics shift with the arrival of a lecturer who harbors a fondness for the young man, adding a new dimension to the relationships.

Actress: Genelia D’Souza , Villain: Bipasha Basu

11. Aathi (2006) – Adi Narayan

Movie Plot: Aathi, against the wishes of his foster parents, enrolls in a college in Chennai. Unbeknownst to them, his true motive is to seek revenge for the murder of his biological parents. Along the way, he encounters Anjali, who also harbors her own hidden agenda, leading to a complex web of intentions and emotions.

Actress: Trisha Krishnan , Villain: Prakash Raj

12. Azhagiya (2007) – Sabse Bada Khiladi

Movie Plot: Guru, an MBA student, receives a startling diagnosis of ESP (Extrasensory Perception), as all his visions inexplicably come to pass. When he foresees himself harming his girlfriend, he flees to Mumbai to prevent this tragic event. However, an unfortunate twist occurs as he discovers he has a doppelgänger, who happens to be a criminal.

Actress: Shriya Saran , Villain: Vadivelu

13. Pokkiri (2007) – Wanted Baaghi

Movie Plot: An action-packed thriller that follows an undercover cop as he infiltrates the criminal underworld to uphold justice.

Actress: Asin , Villain: Prakash Raj

14. Kuruvi (2008) – Jo Jeeta Wo hi Baazigar

Movie Plot: A son embarks on a quest to find the individual accountable for his father’s vanishing, a mystery linked to a stolen diamond. In due course, he manages to pilfer the antagonist’s precious gem and escapes with his sister in tow.

Actress: Trisha Krishnan , Villain: Suman

15. Villu (2009) – Ek Aur Janbaaz Khiladi

Movie Plot: A son resolves to seek retribution for his father, an army officer, who was wrongly accused and killed by three corrupt colleagues. In a twist of fate, he finds himself falling in love with the daughter of one of the perpetrators.

Actress: Nayanthara , Villain: Prakash Raj

16. Vettaikaaran (2009) – Dangerous Khiladi 3

Movie Plot: Ravi, driven by his ambition to become a police officer, frequently finds himself entangled with unsavory characters. His determination to assist his friend Uma leads him into a dangerous altercation with a notorious crime figure.

Actress: Anushka Shetty , Villain: Salim Ghouse

17. Kaavalan (2011) – Main Hoon Bodyguard

Movie Plot: Bhoomi holds Muthuramalingam and his daughter Meera in high regard. When he is assigned as Meera’s bodyguard, he unknowingly falls in love with a girl he has never met, oblivious to the fact that she is none other than Meera herself.

Actress: Asin , Villain: Rajkiran

18. Velayudham (2011) – Main Hoon Super Shahenshah

Movie Plot: A faction of Pakistani terrorists abducts the Home Minister of Tamil Nadu with the intention of sowing terror. In response, a journalist named Bharathi takes a bold stand by inventing a fictional persona named Velayudham to confront them.

Actress: Genelia D’Souza , Villain: Saranya Mohan

19. Thuppakki (2012) – Indian Soldier Never on Holiday

Movie Plot: An army captain comes to Mumbai with the intention of reuniting with his family and searching for a suitable bride. However, a sudden explosion in the city catapults him into a mission to locate and neutralize a dormant terrorist cell operating within the urban landscape.

Actress: Kajal Aggarwal , Villain: Vidyut Jammwal

20. Thalaivaa (2013) – Thalaivaa the Leader

Movie Plot: Vishwa, a dancer based in Sydney who also manages a small business, is oblivious to the fact that his father is a gangster in Mumbai. However, when Vishwa travels to India to seek his father’s blessings for his upcoming marriage, his life takes a drastic and unexpected turn.

Actress: Amala Paul , Villain: Sathyaraj

21. Jilla (2014) – Police Wala Gunda 2

Movie Plot: Sivan, a gangster from Madurai, takes in Shakthi, the son of his deceased driver. Witnessing his father’s killing at the hands of a police officer, Shakthi resolves to seek vengeance with the backing of Sivan.

Actress: Kajal Aggarwal , Villain: Mahat Raghavendra

22. Kaththi (2014) – Khakhi Aur Khiladi

Movie Plot: Kathiresan, a small-time criminal, escapes from Kolkata and assumes the identity of Jeevanantham, a social activist who has been in a coma. Jeevanantham’s mission is to help the villagers in a drought-stricken region by opposing a corporate conglomerate’s plans to seize their land. As Kathiresan immerses himself in Jeevanantham’s cause, he gains the trust of the villagers and falls in love with Ankita, a college student studying environmental science.

Actress: Samantha Akkineni , Villain: Neil Nitin Mukesh

23. Puli (2015) – Puli

Movie Plot: Maru Dheeran’s endeavor to retrieve Pavazhamani, abducted by the formidable Vedhalams possessing otherworldly powers, leads him into a confrontation with Yavanarani, a sorceress, and her ally Jalatharangan.

Actress: Shruti Haasan , Villain: Sudeep

24. Theri (2016) – Theri

Movie Plot: DCP Vijaya Kumar, living incognito, raises his daughter in self-imposed seclusion to shield their identities. However, when her safety is jeopardized by a gang of thugs, he is compelled to confront an unresolved vendetta with a prominent politician.

Actress: Samantha Prabu, Villain: Mahendran

25. Bairavaa (2017) – Bairavaa

Movie Plot: Bairavaa is a sincere and socially conscious young man who aspires to become a collector and make a positive impact on society. He encounters Malarvizhi (played by Keerthy Suresh), a college student, and they eventually fall in love.

Actress: Keerthy Suresh , Villain: Jagapathi Babu

26. Mersal (2017) – Mersal

Movie Plot: The narrative revolves around the life of Vetrimaaran, a highly skilled doctor committed to serving the underprivileged. However, when his medical license is unjustly revoked due to political manipulation, he is forced to seek an alternative path.

Actress: Nithya Menen , Villain: S.J. Surya

27. Sarkar (2018) – Sarkar

Movie Plot: The story revolves around Sundar Ramasamy, a successful and influential businessman living abroad. When he returns to India to cast his vote in the upcoming elections, he is shocked to discover that someone has cast his vote already. This incident prompts him to take a keen interest in the political affairs of the state.

Actress: Keerthy Suresh , Villain: Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

28. Bigil (2019) – Bigil

Movie Plot: The story centers around Michael Rayappan, a former football player known by the alias “Bigil”. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, he is forced to abandon his sporting career and take on the role of a local don.

Actress: Nayanthara , Villain: Jackie Shroff

29. Master (2021) – Master

Movie Plot: The story revolves around JD, an unconventional professor known for his unorthodox teaching methods. He is appointed as the new vice-principal at a juvenile reform school, which is secretly controlled by the ruthless and cunning Bhavani.

Actress: Malavika Mohanan , Villain: Vijay Sethupathi

30. Beast (2022) – Beast

Movie Plot: Veera Raghavan (Vijay) is a former RAW agent who has retired to live a peaceful life with his wife and daughter. However, his life is turned upside down when a group of terrorists attack a shopping mall in Chennai and take hostages. Veera is forced back into action to save the hostages and defeat the terrorists.

Actress: Pooja Hegde , Villain: Selvaraghavan

31. Varisu (2023) – Varisu

Movie Plot: Vijay Rajendran (Vijay) is the youngest son of Rajendran Palanisamy (Sarath Kumar), a wealthy businessman. Vijay is a free-spirited young man who is not interested in joining his father’s business. He instead starts his own food delivery startup.

Actress: Rashmika Mandanna , Villain: Prakash Raj

32. Leo (2023) – Upcoming

Movie Plot: The plot of Leo (2023) has not been officially revealed yet, but it is rumored to be an action thriller film. The film is directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, who is known for his critically acclaimed films like Vikram and Kaithi.

Actress: Trisha , Villain: Sanjay Dutt

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In conclusion, Vijay Thalapathy Hindi dubbed movies have not only gained popularity in the South, but have also found a strong fan base in the Hindi-speaking regions. With his charismatic performances and versatile roles, Vijay continues to leave a lasting impact on audiences across India. From high-octane action films to emotionally-driven dramas, his movies offer a diverse cinematic experience. The list of Hindi-dubbed titles showcases the widespread appeal and influence of Thalapathy Vijay in the realm of Indian cinema.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Vijay Thalapathy have 31 Hindi dubbed movies

Vijay Thalapathy’s Hindi dubbed movies are available on various streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Zee5. You can also watch them on DVD or Blu-ray.

Master is considered to be Vijay Thalapathy’s best Hindi dubbed movie. It is a well-made action thriller with a strong emotional core.

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